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As a parent, there are few things more difficult than watching your child struggle. It's often hard to know what is considered “normal” when it comes to behavioral and emotional reactions. To make it even more challenging, difficulties in regulating mood can look completely different across the developmental stages as your child grows into a pre-teen, adolescent and young adult.

When To Start Your Child or Teen In Counseling:

Early intervention is vital for children and teens experiencing emotional difficulties. Seeking professional DBT counseling during their formative years can lay a foundation for a happier and healthier future. Our therapists are skilled in engaging with young individuals, creating a positive therapeutic alliance that fosters growth and healing. Did you know that the skills based teachings of DBT can be tailored to support emotion regulation at almost any age? Learning these skills will not only help your child or teen, they will also help you as a parent. This helps ensure that the skills are truly reinforced through every angle of life for both you and your loved one.

Supporting Children's Mental Health: Strategies for Parents and Caregivers
What Are The Benefits of DBT and Counseling for Children and Teens?

1.Emotional Regulation: DBT equips children and teens with practical tools to manage and express their big emotions effectively.

2. Enhanced Interpersonal Skills: Your child will learn to build healthier relationships with peers, family, and authority figures through building communication skills.

3. Stress and Anxiety Management: Through DBT, young individuals develop coping mechanisms to handle stress and anxiety both at school and at home. These skills will be a foundation for life as they grow, and they will learn to refine these skills with the support of their therapist.

4. Mindfulness and Self-Awareness: Mindfulness practices cultivate self-awareness, helping children and teens stay present in the moment and reduce impulsivity as well as reactivity.

5. Increased Resilience: DBT empowers children and teens to bounce back from challenges and setbacks with renewed strength and determination.

Why Work With Us?

Many of us are parents ourselves, and several of our team members are dedicated to helping children, teens and their parents feel empowered as they build emotional resilience and thrive. We know that making the choice for your child to start therapy or change therapists is not an easy one, regardless of their age! Know that our team's compassionate support will have you feeling at ease as positive change begins. It is our absolute privilege to be a mental health support to the youth and families of South Jersey, and we love the work we do. Book a session today and empower your child's journey towards the future they are meant for.

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