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At DBT of South Jersey, our team has the privilege of supporting individuals in some of the most challenging times of their life through counseling. Through 1:1 counseling, also known as therapy or psychotherapy, our team helps guide individuals on a path of healing, wisdom and inner peace.

With the help of therapy, individuals gain a deeper understanding of themselves and how their thoughts, emotions and actions are all influenced by past and present experiences. Through this newfound insight, our therapy clients can create long lasting and sustainable change when it comes to their mental health and overall wellbeing. 


Should I go to therapy?

Many people spend years of their life asking this question, but waiting much longer to act on it. Making the decision to start attending counseling is a healthy decision to make for yourself and your loved ones. Attending to your mental health is as important as taking care of your physical health. Did you know that the average person generates about 60,000 thoughts per day? And that our thoughts influence how we feel, our emotions and actions too? With that much “mileage” or “wear and tear” going through the mind each day, it’s easy to explain a breakdown when our mental health becomes forgotten, ignored or neglected.

Seeing a therapist will help you find clarity and see life from a different perspective.

  • Some come to therapy to find healing and to let go of their past.
  • Some individuals seek counseling to help with dark thoughts, heavy mood, problems with anger or a general dissatisfaction with life.
  • Others come to therapy to help process what is happening in life, and find counseling to be a part of their overall maintenance routine for a life that feels more balanced.

No matter if you are coming to therapy at the worst of times, white knuckling life on it’s terms or would like to create intentional space to improve your relationship with yourself or others, therapy is a great benefit for everyone.

What to expect in a counseling session

Your first meeting with a therapist at our practice will consist of an intake evaluation. This means the therapist will spend time getting to know more about you, why you are seeking counseling and what some of your goals are. It generally takes a few sessions (we suggest 3-4) to start building a foundation with your therapist.

The relationship you build with your counselor will be one of the main factors in what helps to make your therapy a success. Your therapist will come up with a general plan for your sessions in terms of what to focus on, how the therapist feels they can be helpful in supporting you to achieve your goals and how frequent the counseling sessions should be. Generally individuals begin attending weekly, but the frequency can change or be different based on what the individual needs and what the therapist recommends. 

What do you talk about in counseling?

In short, anything that is impacting your ability to have a life you love.

  • For some, this could be feelings of sadness, anxiety or depression.
  • Others may be struggling to control behaviors that have become damaging to their life, such as drinking or drug abuse, self harm, aggression and more.
  • Some may talk about their family dynamics, relationships and work; things that may bring on feelings of stress, overwhelm and dread.

Whatever you bring to therapy, your counselor will help you prioritize what is most relevant to help you on a path that aligns with what you want to get out of it. 

find joy, feel peace and live fully

Regardless of what has landed you in therapy, we know what counseling can do for you.

You only have this one life to live.

Don’t waste another moment not living it to it’s greatest potential.

With our team, we can help you live the life you want. Find more joy and feelings of peace as you begin the journey to your full life. 

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