Frequently Asked Questions

How to prepare for my call with the Intake Coordinator?

  1. Make sure to add our telephone number to your contacts: 856-625-6550 so you know DBT of South Jersey is calling!

  2. Expect our Intake Coordinator (who is not a Therapist) to call you promptly at the time you selected.

  3. Plan for a 15-30 minute call. 

  4. These calls are not therapy sessions, but are free consults to answer your questions and potentially get you set up with a new client appointment. 

  5. If you have questions about insurance or rates, keep reading below!

Out of State Inquiries:

Pennsylvania residents may be seen as clients in person only. Otherwise, our services do not extend beyond New Jersey.

If you are a Veteran seeking counseling, please visit our Veterans page to read about how to secure therapy services here.

We would love to support you.


DBT of South Jersey does not accept insurance. We are considered an “out-of-network provider.”

Here at DBT of South Jersey, we understand that excellent mental health care is of utmost priority for you and your family. We also know that finding quality care can include incurring financial strain. For this reason, we want to provide you with this information below regarding out of network benefits so that you can potentially make the most of your insurance plan while being seen here.

What does “out-of-network” mean?
In short, out of network (OON) means we do not accept insurance. Considering we are a specialty practice, we have not contracted with insurances to provide our services at a negotiated rate. This means that payment in full is always due at the time of service.  

How do out of network benefits work?

OON benefits work as a partial reimbursement system on some plans that you can receive after your time of service, and for which you have already paid in full, out of pocket.

OON benefits can help you recover some of your money back at a later date, if you are willing to put in some time to submit the required documentation.

How do I know if I have out-of-network benefits?

The best way to be absolutely sure and to know the full details of your coverage is to clarify with your insurance company by calling the Member Services line or inputting your information in our Instant Benefits Checker below. The calculator is based on a session cost of $150 per session, however the exact amount you will receive will vary based on the rate of the therapist you work with.

 Click the button below for our Printable Guide to checking your OON Benefits!

Generally, most PPO and POS health plans offer partial reimbursement for out-of-network services, while most HMO do not.


What are the rates for services at DBT of South Jersey?


Individual therapy can range from \$130-170 an hour, depending on the provider. 

Adult Skills Group is $80/weekly class (2 hours)

Multifamily Group is $140/weekly class (2 hours for Teen + Parent; additional parent $40)

Range of fees is dependent on Therapist level of experience and/or specialty certification.

Frequently Asked

Do you offer a sliding scale or discounted rates?


Some therapists take on a limited amount of sliding scale clients, upon request. 

The range for sliding scales is usually between $110-150.

A great option we offer is to work with a Therapist in Training. Our Masters Level Interns have received foundational DBT training and receive weekly Supervision from one of our senior clinical staff members. They also participate in Clinical Meetings weekly to make sure they are offering their clients the best DBT therapy. Rates for seeing an Intern begin at $75 for the Intake and start at $50/session. (FYI that most insurance companies will not extend OON reimbursement for sessions with Interns.)

Do you take Lyra? 

Yes, we are a Lyra partner! If you work for a company that offers Lyra Health and have opted into a plan, you are eligible to see our paneled fully licensed therapists. 

Depending on your plan specifics, you will be eligible for a certain number of therapy sessions per year covered by your plan and your dependents may also be included in those benefits.

In order to check which Therapists at DBT of SJ have availability through Lyra, visit your Lyra Health Portal

If you have any questions regarding our process with Lyra, email our Intake Coordinator Tara:

What is a typical length of treatment so that I can gauge my overall investment in this process?


Individual DBT Therapy does not have a set timeline. Client and Therapist create a Treatment Plan and word towards goals together. Most new clients begin at 1 session per week, although the frequency of sessions will be recommended following the Intake, once the Therapist completes the initial clinical evaluation.

Skills Group is a commitment of 1 year for adults or 7 months for Teens. 

Group is held once a week. 

Can I be seen less frequently to decrease the cost?


Frequency of sessions will be determined by the Therapist following the Intake evaluation. Initially, it is recommended to have sessions weekly for maximum effect of the therapy, however a client may discuss options with their Therapist for spacing out sessions due to financial or schedule reasons. 

If you still have questions, do not hesitate to reach out to our Intake Coordinator:

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