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What is DBT?

DBT (Dialectical Behavior Therapy) is an evidenced based behavioral treatment, which means there is research to prove its effectiveness; it combines elements of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy with Zen principles of mindfulness and compassion.

Our Specialized Services

DBT of South Jersey offers a comprehensive DBT program for Teens and Adults including individual therapy, skills training group, phone coaching and therapist consultation. In addition to DBT, our staff are trained in and utilize the special modalities listed below to help their clients heal and grow.

DBT-Prolonged Exposure (DBT-PE) is a treatment option for those who have experienced trauma or traumatic invalidation, and are experiencing symptoms of complex post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

EMDR is a therapeutic technique originally developed by Francine Sharpiro in order to help people find relief from the emotional distress they feel related to traumatic and/or upsetting life experiences.

EXRP is the treatment of choice for Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)

Research has shown that part of how we feel emotionally is triggered by our facial expressions and body postures. Our bodies communicate how we are feeling to our brain, so by changing our body, we can influence our emotional state.

We would love to support you.

DBT of South Jersey is a community of therapists who aim to help clients find acceptance, and balance it with meaningful change through a compassionate lens. Our goal is to be the leading provider of DBT services by providing excellent care to you, your teen, your partner, or your friend. We believe in what we do. We believe in what is possible for you!

Who We Are

Our Mission

"At DBT of South Jersey, we are the beacon of hope when the path seems uncertain. We are relentless in our pursuit of clinical excellence, dedicated to empowering our clients to cultivate resilience, nurture healing, and embrace personal growth. With a foundation of acceptance, change, and compassion, we guide children, adolescents, and adults towards newfound confidence in managing challenging emotions and skillfully navigating life's journey.

As a team, we practice authenticity and fallibility as we support one another. We value getting it right over being right. We are confident in our clinical skills and areas of expertise, while also understanding that no one is perfect. We believe setbacks are a chance to learn and grow from.

We are dedicated to helping each other feel safe, seen, supported and accepted. We commit to do the ongoing work needed in order to be an inclusive, anti-racist and affirming practice. We work to normalize feedback regularly to create space for listening, learning and adapting.

We provide quality care that works. We strive to be the best at what we do and are not ok with doing therapy that is "good enough”. We are committed to ongoing growth, learning, and training to keep our skills sharp and support treatment interventions that move clients to their goals.


DBT of South Jersey is here and ready to help! Please use our resources for additional support when the going gets tough.

A Radically Genuine Blogspace

The Level 6: Radically Genuine Blog Space features DBT therapists who love what they do and practice what they preach. In DBT, level 6 is the highest level of validation.  It represents equality, authenticity and radical genuineness. 

Level 6

Dr. Kate Sowder
Dr. Kate Sowder
As a fellow comprehensive DBT provider, I'm consistently impressed by the high-quality care delivered by DBT of South Jersey. Their commitment to evidence-based practices, compassionate approach, and well-structured program make them a standout in the field. Their dedication to helping clients build a life worth living is truly commendable. I wholeheartedly recommend their services to anyone seeking to explore their emotions, develop essential coping skills, and work towards building a fulfilling life. Highly recommend!
Yoga, Stars, & Tarot Cards
Yoga, Stars, & Tarot Cards
I recently attended a workshop at DBT of South Jersey and met with the owner, Shaelene. Shaelene has created a beautiful and calming environment. All of the participants in the workshop were extremely welcoming and friendly, it felt very much like an open minded community. There are a ton of different unique offerings that are therapeutic and fun. I will absolutely be back, I highly recommend DBT of South Jersey.
Shannon Price
Shannon Price
A clique. If you have money, degree, career, and permanent residence dbt is excellent! The therapists are amazing DBT THERAPISTS! If you need more help than dbt skills than look onward. Therapy isn’t accessible. They’ll refer clients to a higher level of care and if you go somewhere that isn’t strictly dbt they don’t care and won’t communicate with that program. One thing I learned in iop recently that I’ve been trying to work on is vulnerability. I wasn’t vulnerable for a long time. I let someone blame me and I blamed myself. I kept a lot in but I’m speaking up now. I wasn’t going to post a review and I typically only post positive great experiences. I did have a good experience here for the most part but like anything there are some not so great things. I’m pretty sure they don’t even read the reviews anyway but if it helps someone else and saves pain, hurt, etc than why not be a little more open.
Justin Taylor
Justin Taylor
As a licensed therpist working primarily in the substance use field I have referred many client for aftercare to DBT of south Jersey. They always report having positive experience that assists in them gaining mental health support in south jersey. I would trust this team with of my former clients, friends, or family
Erika Bienlien
Erika Bienlien
I needed to find care for someone in my life and this practice couldn’t see them due to where we live, but I did speak with the owner Shaelene and she took the time to find us someone in our state. I appreciate the time she took to help my loved one with their mental health and just wish we lived in south Jersey to be able to access their services! They also see veterans which is awesome.
justine mayland
justine mayland
I took the Hips and Healing workshop at the DBT office. It’s a great beautiful space and the class was amazing. Denise the yoga teacher was so nice. She did a good job explaining what to expect out of the class beforehand. It was an all levels class and I will be taking it again when it is offered!
Joe K
Joe K
Highly recommend DBT of South Jersey. The team is professional, competent and highly dedicated.
Highly recommend this practice! Not only is DBT a specialty practice, the team they have are so kind and empathic to individual needs. It is obvious the team is highly trained and knowledgeable. I can't imagine going anywhere else!
Timothy Walsh
Timothy Walsh
DBT of South Jersey is the place to go to receive the acceptance and compassion that you need to receive in order to change your life. It's hard to find the quality and type of care that DBT of South Jersey provides and I highly recommend their work if you're ready to transform your life for the better.
Anya H
Anya H
Unethical. The fact that people like this are allowed to have practices speaks poorly of the system these therapists uphold.
DBT of South Jersey media

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