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We offer a comprehensive DBT program for clients, including individual therapy, skills training groups, phone coaching and therapist consultation.

Skills training is a weekly group that feels more like a class. The purpose of the group is to develop and enhance your practice of mindfulness (being present), distress tolerance (getting through painful situations without making them worse), emotion regulation (skills to help you balance your emotions) and interpersonal effectiveness (relationship skills to help you communicate effectively).

We currently offer virtual as well as in-person group options, both for Adult and Multi-Family Groups throughout the week.

Phone coaching is provided to help you generalize the skills you are learning into your everyday life. Additionally, in consultation your therapist will receive feedback to help you from other therapists trained in DBT. These four modes of treatment are offered as a package to help you succeed.

If you are a Provider curious about what it’s like to refer your 1:1 client into our DBT Skills Groups, scroll to the bottom of the page for helpful FAQ just for you!

Group Therapy
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Adult Skills Group





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Multi-Family Group (Teen + Parent)



Download our MFG Fast Facts for Families PDF below:

DBT Multi-Family Group teaches teens and family how to replace ineffective patterns of thinking (racing thoughts, self doubt, black and white thinking) and behaviors (such as: impulsivity resulting in anger outbursts, eating disordered behavior, addiction self harm, etc. Other behaviors targeted are: difficulty tolerating emotions, problems in communication and relationships) with adaptive skills.

Skills are taught in a class setting across four modules: Mindfulness, Interpersonal Effectiveness, Emotion Regulation, Distress Tolerance, and Walking the Middle Path.

DBT Skills Group complements individual therapy and is evidenced based (meaning it works!). Clients learn skills and utilize skill assignments to translate what they learn into their lives.

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Graduate Groups


Why join graduate group? Graduate group is an AdvancedDBT group for those who have completed DBT group skills training group. It is for anyone looking to maintain skill commitment, get a refresher on skills and learn additional skills not taught in standard DBT skills group. The group helps to establish a community to support you in building your life worth living.

This group is for those who have a strong understanding of the core DBT skills across the four modules: Distress Tolerance, Mindfulness, Interpersonal Effectiveness and Emotion Regulation, and use them daily. Clients in this group believe in the effectiveness of the skills and are committed to strengthening and further generalizing what they have learned.

Requirements & How to Apply:

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FAQ for Providers about DBT Skills Groups

A: Any client struggling with suicidal ideations or behaviors, self-harming, impulsive behaviors, emotional dysregulation, cognitive dysregulation, interpersonal chaos may be a good fit for DBT skills group.

A: Yes! This happens frequently. We ask that outside providers complete a provider agreement prior to their client starting in group. The provider agreement is brief, and just makes the roles of the individual therapist and group therapists clear. It also makes clear what will happen if the client finds themself in a crisis situation.

A: Absolutely! Group leaders will reach out to you if there are any concerns regarding your client (their presentation, attendance, if they express desire to drop out, etc). If you are wanting contact apart from that, it is an option. Your client will complete a release of information (ROI) for leaders to speak with you, so open communication can occur.

A: Not at all. Whatever type of therapy you have been using is good enough for us! If you and your client make the decision to continue seeing one another, and add a DBT skills group to supplement your sessions, we’re on board with that.

A: Yes, for adults, we ask that client have their individual session no less than once per month; for teens, twice a month.

A: Please do whatever you need to do to take care of yourself (of course!), and please help the client identify who will be covering their sessions during your leave. We can likely connect them to a therapist at DBT of South Jersey, although it does not have to be someone from our practice. Any trusted colleague of yours will work. If your client chooses to see another provider not at DBT of South Jersey, we will obtain a new provider agreement from that new provider. 

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