Mission and Values

Our Mission

Providing quality care through the lens of acceptance, change and compassion.

Striving for excellence in DBT practices in and around South Jersey.


We help people find and create meaning in their lives through counseling practices that work. Acceptance, change and compassion-why these words? You may question this now, however, we will help you see you are doing the best you can in this moment with the tools you have. We know that you also need help in changing some of your ways in order to do and feel better. Our team will help you to see that long lasting change cannot happen without genuine acceptance of life as it is in the present moment. Compassion is the vehicle for the process.


Core Values

Never Stop Learning-At DBT of South Jersey, we provide quality care that works. We strive to be the best at what we do and are not ok with doing therapy that is “good enough”. We are committed to ongoing growth, learning, and training to keep our skills sharp and support treatment interventions that move clients to their goals.

Safe Space-We know that healing and recovery can not occur in an environment in which a felt sense of safety is not present. As a part of our community, we want you to feel safe, seen, supported and accepted-exactly as you are. We hope to lead by example by continuing to do the work needed in order to be an inclusive, anti-racist and affirming practice. We understand that therapy can be both highly rewarding AND incredibly challenging. It’s important to us that giving and receiving feedback about the process is normalized to further promote safety and success for you.

Human To Human Connection-Regardless of who you are, or how you got here, we are all here just trying to figure out this “life” thing together. We believe in honesty and authenticity in the work we do to help others. We are confident in our clinical skills and areas of expertise, while  also understanding that no one is perfect. You are the driver, we are here for guidance along the way.

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