Questions to Ask

Questions to Ask your New Therapist

Ensuring that the therapist you work with is providing treatment that is in line with the model is imperative in your recovery. Think about it, would you want your eye doctor to be the one who can work on your heart? - ”Yeah, I took a class in cardiology once..” - Of course not! If you are being recommended for DBT, that means a therapist or previous provider wants you to see someone that specializes in this treatment, and there is more to it than knowing what the skills are. Seeing a provider without adequate training runs a myriad of risks for the client, on top of potentially wasting time, money and effort.

Questions to Ask

Here are some questions to ask providers in your search for a DBT therapist:

Adherent DBT

Adherence, or Comprehensive DBT, means that the treatment providers are adhering to the model, running DBT the way it was designed, to keep in line with effective treatment that works (to keep the treatment evidenced based).


DBT Informed

DBT informed therapy means that the client is not receiving all four modes of treatment, or that they are receiving an abbreviated form of the treatment based on their needs.

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