5 Reasons Why You Will Love Our Local Child Therapists


Are you tirelessly searching for a ‘child therapist near me’ for your little one who is having a tough time navigating their world? Nothing tugs at a parent’s heartstrings more than seeing their child in distress. We understand that it’s a pain point trying to find the right support for your child on a mental health journey.

Child therapy, especially types like Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), can play a crucial role in a child’s life. It equips them with tools to manage emotions, enhances interpersonal skills, and teaches stress and anxiety management strategies. But finding a therapist with the right expertise, experience, and approach can be overwhelming.

At DBT of South Jersey, we prioritize meeting those needs and more.

Brief Overview of Child Therapy

Here’s a quick snapshot to aid with your search:
Our Specialization: Our therapists are highly trained and experienced, particularly in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT).
Parental Involvement: We firmly believe in the crucial role that parents play in their child’s therapeutic journey and actively involve them in the process.
Our Approach: A compassionate, client-focused approach is at the heart of our practice.
Services We Offer: Our wide range of services caters to diverse mental health needs.
Our Location & Insurance Acceptance: You’ll appreciate our convenient location in South Jersey and we also accept various insurance plans for therapy sessions.

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Child therapy often integrates elements of play therapy to encourage child interaction during the process. With methods like CBT and DBT, your child will learn to replace negative thoughts with positive ones, better understand their behaviors and emotions, and build meaningful relationships.

Now let us dive deeper into the reasons why you’ll love our local child therapists.

Reason 1: Our Therapists are Highly Trained and Experienced

At DBT of South Jersey, we take pride in our team of highly trained and experienced therapists. Our team members, like Shaelene Lauriano Kite, are not just therapists but individuals who are deeply committed to helping children and teens navigate their emotional journeys.

Specialization in Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT)

Our therapists are specialized in Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT), a proven method for helping children replace their negative thoughts with positive ones and better understand their behaviors and emotions. CBT has been shown to be particularly effective for children, teaching them valuable coping mechanisms for a variety of mental health conditions.

Expertise in Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT)

In addition to CBT, our therapists are also experts in Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT). This type of therapy is ideal for children and teens who are struggling with emotional regulation, relationship issues, and self-harm tendencies. DBT teaches individuals how to balance acceptance and change, creating a healthier balance in life. Our therapists, like Shaelene Lauriano Kite, a topic expert at DBT of South Jersey, use DBT to equip children and teens with practical tools to manage and express their emotions effectively.

Experience with a Variety of Mental Health Disorders

Our team has extensive experience working with a range of mental health disorders, including depressive disorders, bipolar disorders, anxiety disorders, and obsessive-compulsive disorders. This broad experience allows us to provide comprehensive care for your child, addressing their unique needs with understanding and competence.

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Whether your child is struggling with a specific disorder or simply needs help navigating the challenges of growing up, our team is ready and equipped to provide the support they need. We are more than just a ‘child therapist near me’, we are a partner in your child’s mental health journey.

Reason 2: We Prioritize Parental Involvement in Therapy

Importance of Parental Involvement in Child Therapy

When it comes to the success of child therapy, one of the key factors is often overlooked: the role of parents. Research consistently shows that therapy outcomes significantly improve when parents are actively involved in the process. This is because children, especially younger ones, depend heavily on their parents for emotional support, guidance, and understanding.

Parental involvement in therapy can take many forms, from understanding the child’s therapy goals to reinforcing the skills learned during sessions at home. It’s also about creating an environment that supports the child’s emotional growth and resilience.

At DBT of South Jersey, we recognize the power of this parent-child relationship and make it an integral part of our therapeutic approach.

How We Facilitate Parental Involvement

Our therapists strive to foster a strong therapeutic alliance not only with the child but also with the parents. We ensure that parents are kept informed about their child’s progress and that they understand the strategies and techniques being used. We find that this collaborative approach significantly enhances the effectiveness of therapy.

We also recognize that every family is unique. Therefore, we tailor the level of parental involvement based on the child’s age, the family’s circumstances, and the specific issues being addressed. Sometimes, this might mean having parents join in certain therapy sessions, while at other times, it might involve providing parents with resources and guidance on how to support their child’s emotional well-being at home.

In addition, we offer family support group sessions to provide parents with a safe and supportive space to share their experiences, learn from others, and gain insights into how to navigate the challenges of raising a child with emotional difficulties.

By prioritizing parental involvement, we go beyond being just a ‘child therapist near me.’ We become a partner in your entire family’s journey towards emotional health and resilience.

Reason 3: We Offer a Compassionate and Client-Focused Approach

One of the standout features that make us a top choice when searching for a ‘child therapist near me’ is our compassionate and client-focused approach to therapy.

Our Unique Selling Proposition (USP)

At DBT of South Jersey, we believe that the key to effective therapy lies in human connection. We understand that each child and family we work with is unique, and we tailor our therapeutic approaches to meet their specific needs and circumstances. We don’t just provide therapy; we aim to build relationships based on trust, empathy, and mutual respect.

Our team is not only confident in our clinical skills and areas of expertise, but we also understand that no one is perfect. We are here to guide and support you and your child, fostering a safe and accepting environment where your child can grow and thrive.

Our mission and values emphasize providing quality care through acceptance, change, and compassion. We believe in the adage “Never Stop Learning,” and we continually strive for growth, learning, and training to provide the best possible care to our clients.

How We Balance Acceptance and Meaningful Change

Our therapeutic approach is grounded in the principles of Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), which emphasizes the balance between acceptance and change. We acknowledge and validate your child’s feelings and experiences while also encouraging them to work towards positive behavioral change.

We view therapy as a journey, and we recognize that long-lasting change cannot happen without genuine acceptance of life as it is in the present moment. Our role is to guide your child, helping them navigate their emotions and behaviors and equipping them with the tools they need to manage life’s challenges and struggles.

We know that therapy can be both highly rewarding and incredibly challenging, so we make it a point to normalize giving and receiving feedback about the process. This approach promotes safety and success for your child and fosters a stronger therapeutic relationship.

So, if you’re looking for a ‘child therapist near me’ that offers a compassionate and client-focused approach, look no further. At DBT of South Jersey, we’re not just therapists. We’re partners on your child’s journey to emotional health and resilience.

Reason 4: We Provide a Wide Range of Services

In the quest for the right ‘child therapist near me’, you’re likely prioritizing a diverse range of services that can meet the unique needs of your child. At DBT of South Jersey, we understand that children come with their own unique set of experiences and challenges, and hence, we offer a broad spectrum of services to cater to these varied needs.

Overview of Our Services

Our services range from individual therapy sessions to group therapy and family therapy. This flexibility allows us to tailor our approach to the specific needs and circumstances of your child. For instance, our individual DBT therapy is designed to help children manage their emotions, handle stress, and improve their relationships. On the other hand, our group therapy offers a supportive environment where children can learn from the experiences of others and develop new coping skills.

Apart from these, we also offer online therapy sessions, which can be a great option for families who may find it difficult to travel for regular sessions. As part of our commitment to comprehensive care, we also provide specialized services for children and teens dealing with specific issues such as anxiety, depression, and trauma.

How Our Services Cater to Different Needs

Every child is different, and so are their therapeutic needs. This is why we’ve developed a range of services to accommodate these varying requirements. For example, for children who are struggling with social skills or who may benefit from peer support, our group therapy sessions can be an excellent choice. Alternatively, for children who require more individualized attention or are dealing with complex emotional issues, our individual therapy sessions may be more appropriate.

In addition, if your child is struggling with schoolwork or having difficulties at home, we can work in collaboration with schools and other professionals to provide a holistic approach to your child’s therapy. This multi-faceted approach ensures that your child receives consistent support across all areas of their life, enhancing the effectiveness of therapy and promoting healthier development.

So, if you’re searching for a ‘child therapist near me’ and want a place that offers a diverse range of services, DBT of South Jersey is the right choice. We are committed to offering comprehensive, tailored, and effective therapeutic services to meet the unique needs of every child and family.

Reason 5: We are Conveniently Located and Accept Insurance

Finding a ‘child therapist near me’ that is conveniently located and accepts insurance is crucial. At DBT of South Jersey, we understand these concerns and have taken steps to address them.

Our Location and Accessibility

Our centers are strategically located, making us easily accessible to families in South Jersey. This ensures that you can schedule appointments at your convenience without worrying about long travel times. Our centers offer a comforting, secure environment where your child can feel safe and relaxed during therapy sessions.

Information on Insurance Acceptance

While we don’t directly accept insurance, we’re considered an “out-of-network provider.” This means you can pay for our services and then potentially get a partial reimbursement from your insurance provider. We understand that mental health care costs can be a concern, and we’re here to guide you through the process of getting the most from your out-of-network benefits. For example, we’ve partnered with Lyra Health, a leading provider of innovative mental health care benefits, to make our services more accessible to a wider range of families DBT of South Jersey FAQ.

Investing in your child’s mental health is crucial for their overall well-being. We are here to ensure you get the best care possible, without the financial strain. So, if you’re looking for a ‘child therapist near me’, reach out to us. We’re here to help.


Recap of the Reasons to Choose Our Local Child Therapists

In summary, there are numerous reasons to choose us as your local child therapists. Our team of highly trained therapists has a wealth of experience dealing with a variety of mental health disorders, employing a compassionate, client-focused approach that prioritizes the involvement of parents in the therapeutic process. We offer a wide range of services to cater to the unique needs of each child, and our convenient location and acceptance of insurance make the process as simple and stress-free as possible.

Encouragement to Reach Out for More Information

When searching for a ‘child therapist near me’, remember that you’re not just looking for a professional, you’re looking for someone who will treat your child with the utmost care and respect. At DBT of South Jersey, we understand the importance of providing a nurturing environment for children to grow and thrive. Our therapists are here to help your child navigate their emotions and build resilience, all while fostering strong, healthy relationships.

We understand that choosing a therapist is a major decision and we encourage you to reach out for more information. We’re here to answer any questions you might have and provide guidance on the next steps. Our goal is to make the process of finding the right therapist as easy as possible for you and your family.

For more insight into our work and the benefits of child therapy, explore our blog and learn more about our services for children and teens. We’re confident that we can provide the support your child needs to flourish. Contact us today and empower your child’s journey towards a happier and healthier future.

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