Samantha Pinto

Samantha Pinto



And as you learn the magic, learn to believe it. Don’t be ‘surprised’ when it works, you undercut your power.”

-Diane di Prima

Samantha Pinto

The transformative potential of therapy is nothing short of magic. 

That does not mean that it comes easily: it is one that we must constantly practice, and that we can only access by confronting the most painful moments in our lives. Therapy is work– and hard work! It challenges us to examine, explore, and question both the world around us and our own inner world. I believe that we need to take care of ourselves and the people around us in order to change the world for the better. As a counselor, I want to support clients in discovering their own power so they can do just that. 

I was first introduced to DBT skills in 2017, and that transformed the way I move through the world. I look forward to joining others on their own creative journeys towards healing and liberation. My background before studying to be a therapist includes education, healthcare, academia, the arts, and community organizing. 

Growing up in Philadelphia exposed me to so many dynamic groups of people—from diverse cultures, religions, sexual orientations, and backgrounds. I learned to be open, curious, and flexible– because we are never done learning! 

Currently, I am completing my Master of Arts in Professional Clinical Counseling at La Salle University. Previously, I earned my Bachelor of Arts in Italian Studies with a minor in History from Temple University in 2014. 

When I’m not working with clients, I like to draw, read, listen to podcasts, cook, take walks, and practice yoga. I also love spending time with my family, friends, dogs, and cats!

Ages: 6+

Location: Voorhees

Specialties: DBT

Experience: Anxiety, Depression, Life Transitions, Grief, LGBTQIA, Reproductive health, Italian Americans

Clients: Individuals (Children, Teens, Adults)

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