Mary Evers

Mary Evers



“We can trust ourselves, stand in our own truth, stand in our own light. Fear, doubt and confusion are the enemies of self-trust”. ~Melody Beattie

Mary Evers

Hi, my name is Mary, and I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker.  I have been working as a therapist for over 20 years I have found the work both amazing and rewarding. My experience has taught me that hope is one the most important values that one can hold. 

My clinical experience includes extensive education and experience working with trauma, PTSD, depression, anxiety, sexual abuse, domestic violence, eating disorders, co-dependency, addiction, and post-partum depression.

I received a master’s degree in Social Work from Rutgers University in 2003. I trained at the Philadelphia Psychoanalytic Center and obtained a Certificate of completion from the program in 2007. I am foundationally trained in DBT and regularly use and apply the coping skills in my practice and in my personal life. I am an active member of a professional clinical society that ensures I am keeping up with ongoing education and learning, which is something that I feel is important in our ever changing world.

For the past 9 years, I have worked in an intensive Women’s Trauma and Addiction Program that has allowed me the opportunity work with those struggling with the multiple effects of past abuse. This experience has been both extremely challenging and rewarding. I really do not have the words to describe the beauty of being part of watching people heal and regain their lives.    

My experience into the world of addiction has helped me to understand and have insight into the relentless power of addiction. This is a valuable skill that helps me to reach those who have difficulty finding the words they need to express themselves as they find recovery. I have been able to help those struggling to understand this complex issue, that it is the pain and the wounds that drives one to seek relief. As they heal, they clearly see it is the emotional pain that most needs attention. 

I am passionate about my work and believe that there is no greater reward than our true connection with ourselves, and through that we can reach out and truly touch one another.

Ages 16+

Counseling Location: Moorestown, NJ In Person; Online Therapy in New Jersey

Specialties: DBT, Addiction + Trauma

Mental Health Experience: Adoption, Infertility & Postpartum Depression, Grief & Loss, Eating Disorders, Chronic Illness & Pain, Domestic Violence

Clients: Individuals, Couples, Families and Veterans.

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