Christina Sterlacci

Christina Sterlacci



“We are not our trauma. We are not our brain chemistry. That’s part of who we are, but we’re so much more than that”

—Sam J. Miller

Christina Sterlacci

In a perfect world, a person’s journey through life has mostly positive experiences that are filled with happiness, ease and love. Of course, we are not in a perfect world, and because of that-it’s easy for negative experiences to dull the brightness that we hoped once hoped for. Loss, life transitions, illness, trauma; they can take absolutely a toll on a person’s overall wellbeing. Though we can’t control for or erase painful experiences, we can change how we relate to them. This is where I can help.

Now, I know that entering counseling for the first time (or making the decision to re-enter therapy) can feel overwhelming and anxiety inducing! Know that the first thing we work on is getting know one another, that’s it. This way, I will be able to provide the mental health support you need and deserve. I also believe it is important to collaborate with clients to create goals together, because you are the expert of your own experiences and feelings. 

I have been with DBT of South Jersey since 2019 first as an intern, and have since graduated in May of 2021 with my Master’s Degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from The College of New Jersey. One of my favorite parts of doing DBT is being a skills group therapist! I love finding new ways to teach coping skills to my clients and then hear about how they absolutely CRUSHED that tough situation the next time around!!!

I have always known that I wanted to be a counselor and am honored to be able to help people through some of their darkest moments. For me, success is defined by helping others succeed. Either by helping my clients make effective changes that truly change their lives, or by helping them increase self-compassion and create more positive moments in everyday life.

When i’m not hanging out at work I’m likely spending time with my friends and practicing what I preach. I want to emphasize that I know making the first call can feel intimidating! Know that it’s often the hardest part and only gets better from there. I am inviting you (personally) to work with me and see what’s possible for you in creating a FULL life.

Ages: 13+

Counseling Location: Moorestown In Person, New Jersey Online

Specialties: DBT

Mental Health Experience: Self Harm, ADHD Counseling, Depression, Anxiety, LGBTQIA

Clients: Teens and Adults

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